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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

done -- finally!

I finally finished my Valentine's Day tickets. When I start the conception of these things, I'm totally engrossed into coming up with something different and special.. and don't think at all about how bored I will be having to do hundreds of them.

What starts off as fun turns into a production line. How do people do it? ... work on production lines... yes, I know it's a job and all that.. but I think I would go nuts. I imagine they turn off what they are doing and think about all different things.. but heck.. how much thinking can you do in one day anyways?

this is the ticket opened.. I already showed you my design sample a while back.. but now you won't have to look for it.

and here is the whole troup..jeez.. they almost look like an army.. :-P each packet fills one table of 10-12 people

Now.. finally .. I can get into Christmas!! Yay!


Nicki said... Reply to comment

Wow Eury!!! Those look incredible! Fantastic Job!


Los said... Reply to comment

If I ever become famous you are doing my cards Maggie... those are awesome.

Eury said... Reply to comment

ah.. thanks you guys! that's so sweet!

CynLynn said... Reply to comment

These are beautiful, Maggie.

Also, I love the pictures you took of the homes in your neighborhood. Looks like a lovely place.

Galoot said... Reply to comment

Those look fabulous, Maggie.

El Bradenabra said... Reply to comment

Wow. I make some invitations here at work, but yours completely blow our stuff out of the water. Those are grand, Maggie!

MrNelson said... Reply to comment

That's just awesome.

Are your Christmas cards just as good? ;-)

Eury said... Reply to comment

well, actually.. for many years I did individual watercolors of winterscapes as a Xmas card. I would start in October. Since the last couple of years I usually have some project I'm working on and no longer have the time so they are now store bought.. but the sentiments I send along with them are still genuine and heartfelt.

MeanMrMustard said... Reply to comment


J. said... Reply to comment

Oh my gosh, those are g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! How is it that some people are just BLESSED with creativity!